Deborah K Bulmer

from Three Forks, MT
Age ~75

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  • Three Forks, MT
  • Belgrade, MT
  • Mesa, CO
  • Bozeman, MT
  • Idaho Falls, ID
  • Missoula, MT
  • Henderson, NV


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Deborah Bulmer

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Development Of Genetically Engineered Bacteria For Production Of Selected Aromatic Compounds

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US Patent:
62109375, Apr 3, 2001
Apr 22, 1998
Appl. No.:
Thomas E. Ward - Idaho Falls ID
Carolyn S. Watkins - Idaho Falls ID
Deborah K. Bulmer - Henderson NV
Bruce F. Johnson - Scotia NY
Mohan Amaratunga - Clifton Park NY
Bechtel BWXT Idaho, LLC - Idaho Falls ID
International Classification:
C12P 742
C12N 121
C12N 1563
US Classification:
The cloning and expression of genes in the common aromatic pathway of E. coli are described. A compound for which chorismate, the final product of the common aromatic pathway, is an anabolic intermediate can be produced by cloning and expressing selected genes of the common aromatic pathway and the genes coding for enzymes necessary to convert chorismate to the selected compound. Plasmids carrying selected genes of the common aromatic pathway are also described.

Lysogenic Bacteriophage Isolated From Acidophilium

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US Patent:
51322218, Jul 21, 1992
May 10, 1989
Appl. No.:
Thomas W. Ward - Idaho Falls ID
Debby F. Bruhn - Idaho Falls ID
Deborah K. Bulmer - Idaho Falls ID
The United States of America as represented by the United States
Department of Energy - Washington DC
International Classification:
C12N 700
C12N 120
US Classification:
A bacteriophage identified as. phi. Ac1 capable of infecting acidophilic heterotropic bacteria (such as Acidiphilium sp. ) and processes for genetically engineering acidophilic bacteria for biomining or sulfur removal from coal are disclosed. The bacteriophage is capable of growth in cells existing at pH at or below 3. Lytic forms of the phage introduced into areas experiencing acid drainage kill the bacteria causing such drainage. Lysogenic forms of the phase having genes for selective removal of metallic or nonmetallic elements can be introduced into acidophilic bacteria to effect removal of the desired element form ore or coal.
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