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  • 940 Quaker Ln, East Greenwich, RI 02818
  • 3595 Post Rd, Warwick, RI 02886
  • 91 Weaver Rd, North Kingstown, RI 02852
  • 50 Belver Ave, North Kingstown, RI 02852
  • N Kingstown, RI


Company: Self employed


School / High School: LaGrange College (GA) Science of Technology 1992 Specialities: Technology, Chemistry


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Hiroaki Watanabe

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Self Employed

2011 to 2000

3GT mobile Inc

2009 to 2011
Consult strategy development

Influxe Inc

2008 to 2010

Groove Digital Entertainment Inc

2006 to 2008

Digital Music Initiative Inc

2001 to 2006

1999 to 2000

Tokyo, JP
1993 to 1998

LaGrange College (GA) Science of Technology
Technology, Chemistry


Us Patents

Bag Manufacturing Former Laminated Films

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US Patent:
6811530, Nov 2, 2004
Mar 6, 2003
Appl. No.:
Hiroaki Watanabe - North Kingstown RI
Hiroyuki Inoue - Otsu, JP
Toray Plastics America, Inc. - North Kingstown RI
International Classification:
B31C 500
US Classification:
493269, 493291, 493309
A former is used to manufacture a bag in a packaging machine. The radius of curvature of the former top along a film guiding direction is between 0. 27 mm and 0. 50 mm, the average surface roughness of the former top is less than 10 m, and the number of high projections per unit length of 10 mm of the former top along a width direction of the film guided by the collar into the cylinder. The high projection is defined as a projection of the surface of the former top that is as tall as or taller than 5 times the average surface roughness of the former top. It is found that the minimum radius of curvature of the former top should be equal to or larger than the critical radius that is defined by a radius of the curvature which causes an elastic limit strain at an innermost portion of a support layer of a laminated film immediately outside a barrier layer of the laminated film when the laminated film is bent over the former top. This makes it possible to effectively avoid undesired increase in oxygen transmission of the bag made of the laminated film.

Co-Extruded High Refractive Index Coated Embossable Film

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US Patent:
7157135, Jan 2, 2007
Jun 9, 2004
Appl. No.:
Wolfgang Decker - Wakefield RI, US
Christopher S. Curry - Exeter RI, US
Hiroaki Watanabe - Warwick RI, US
Arthur Eric Bartholomay - Coventry RI, US
Toray Plastics (America), Inc. - North Kingstown RI
International Classification:
B32B 7/02
B32B 18/00
B32B 27/06
B32B 27/08
B32B 27/32
B32B 32/36
B32B 32/34
B32B 37/16
US Classification:
428212, 428215, 428216, 428332, 428334, 428339, 428457, 428458, 428461, 428463, 428464, 428469, 428472, 4284735, 4284744, 4284752, 4284755, 4284763, 428480, 428483, 428515, 428910, 26417316, 26417319, 2642902, 4272481, 42725519, 4274071, 4274121, 4274125, 4274192
An embossable film for creating holograms and diffraction gratings and methods of producing the embossable films are provided. The embossable film includes a base layer and a co-extruded embossable layer that is coated with a transparent high refractive index (HRI) coating prior to embossing.

High Barrier Flexible Packaging Structure

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US Patent:
7252878, Aug 7, 2007
Oct 15, 2003
Appl. No.:
Hiroaki Watanabe - North Kingstown RI, US
Mark S. Lee - North Kingstown RI, US
Toray Plastics (America), Inc. - N. Kingstown RI
International Classification:
B32B 15/08
US Classification:
428336, 428337, 428451, 428458, 428461, 428463, 4284758, 4284763, 428483, 428520
The invention relates to a high oxygen barrier, multilayer flexible packaging structure having a vacuum metallized, biaxially oriented polypropylene (met-BOPP) or metallized polyester (met-PET) film substrate; a high barrier EVOH layer coextruded or laminated directly on the metal-containing layer; and optionally an adjacent layer of anhydride modified polyolefin such as blend of LDPE, or MDPE, or PP and maleic anhydride modified adhesive resin on the EVOH layer.
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