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Contactless Communication Signal Transfer

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US Patent:
20130259202, Oct 3, 2013
Mar 30, 2012
Appl. No.:
Michael Sloutsky - Peabody MA,
Hans J. Weedon - Salem MA,
Peter Bukhovko - Peabody MA,
Douglas Abraham - Topsfield MA,
Analogic Corporation - Peabody MA
International Classification:
H05G 1/02
H04B 5/00
US Classification:
378 98, 455 412
Among other things, one or more techniques and/or systems are described herein for transferring communication information between a stationary unit and a movable (e.g., rotating) unit, or between two movable units without contact between the units. A transmitter is configured to translate digital information into an analog signal which may be fed to an input coupler positioned within a channel of an electrically conductive member (e.g., on a first unit, such as a stationary unit). The current of the signal induces a signal in an output coupler (e.g., on a second unit, such as a movable unit). Voltage characteristics of the induced signal (e.g., which substantially correspond to voltage characteristics of the signal fed into the input coupler) may subsequently be used to reconstruct the digital data at a receiver. In this manner, information can be communicated between two non-contacting units.
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